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#tbt to that time I faceplanted and broke my nose when I was 8 #hardcore #punkrock

#tbt to that time I faceplanted and broke my nose when I was 8 #hardcore #punkrock

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These happy frolicking cows are the best thing I’ve seen today! [video]

I couldn’t help it! It makes me too happy.

Need a smile? cause that made me smile!

This is so cute it makes me so happy and sad at the same time. I fucking love these beautiful creatures. I am ashamed that anyone could eat them.

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Anonymous: As a vegetarian I have a vegan question. Would you eat/use eggs and milk if you raised your own happy little chickens and goats?

Nope! I have no need or desire to use animal products, even if they were my own animals. Cow/goat milk is for baby cows/goats, and even if the idea of eating a hen period didn’t repulse me I would leave their eggs alone. Hens will often eat their own eggs to gain back all of the nutrients they lose in the process of laying eggs.

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Carrot muffins #vegan #veganbaking

Carrot muffins #vegan #veganbaking

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you’re so strange, Hersh.


you’re so strange, Hersh.

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abstaining from eating meat for one day is like trying to put out a building in flames with a shot glass of water and calling it a day

to be fair someone could also just say that about the power of one person being vegan/vegetarian for environmental/economic justice reasons (which isn’t fair) 

maybe you can elaborate on how your statement is true because I’m under the impression that there’s quite a massive difference between a non vegan who omits meat for a day and a vegan who omits meat 364x more often as well as dairy, eggs, entertainment, clothing, animal testing, etc

so a vegan might not put the fire out single handedly but at least they’re helping way more

Also, vegans are pretty much throwing on as much water as they can, as well as trying to tell everyone else that the building is on fire and they should be doing something too. Of course, a lot of people ignoring them. And there are others saying things like:
"It’s just a building"
"I didn’t set the fire"
"What if I don’t care that it’s on fire”
"I threw that shot glass on that the other day"
"How dare you tell me what to do?!"
"Not everyone thinks that things being on fire is wrong"
"Stop shoving your beliefs down my throat"
"But most people are ignoring it!"
"What if I like the heat it provides?"
"It’ll never make a difference anyway"

Plus a whole lot of people who see the fire, are horrified, attempt to put it out and then can’t be bothered so they go back to ignoring it/allowing it to continue. Then a bunch of awful people who, seeing how the fire is mostly tolerated, feel like it’s a good idea to try and make it bigger.

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Anonymous: I wish I could be your summer buddy, it sounds so fun. Alas, I live too far away...

Who are you? :(

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Songs are as sad as the listener.

— Jonathan Safran Foer (via psych-facts)

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I am very amused when people tell vegans to “get off their high horse”…like not only would vegans not be on a horse but we certainly wouldn’t get them high

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WANTED: Summer buddy to hang out with. Activities may include forest exploring (sober or not), day drinking and blasting music in my backyard (comes with pool and cute dog), bike rides, cemetery wandering, backyard camping, vegan baked goods and ice cream, road trips to weird places, browsing book stores, bar hopping, concerts/local shows, and reading outside. And mario kart. 

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